Construction site accidents

Maintaining proper workplace safety standards are paramount to preventing these common accidents. The statute of limitations in Massachusetts for filing a personal injury lawsuit is three years from the date of the injury.

A construction site accident can cause considerable hardships for a victim: Slip and fall — construction sites are Construction site accidents maze of tools, supplies and people. Appropriate training and equipment should be provided to all workers.

Hazards must be properly flagged to allow workers to avoid accidents whenever possible. Third-rail trackworkers face electrocution dangers and being hit by a train. When safety violations, lack of supervision, dangerous ladders and scaffolding, and other issues lead to injuries on the job, we help construction workers fight for the compensation they deserve.

Next our team will begin working closely with you to follow your medical treatment. The results can be serious back injuries, traumatic head injuries or even death.

These accidents may be linked to unsafe conditions conditions including uncovered holes or trenches and exposed stakes. Some of the risks of this job include falling from high elevations and being crushed by heavy steel beams.

Every strong case starts with a thorough and Construction site accidents investigation into the facts. Prevention begins with adequate awareness and a properly maintained working environment that is safe and secure.

And despite rigorous safety regulations, scaffolding accidents also happen far too frequently on construction sites. Sometimes, these types of accident occur because workers are simply unaware of all energized power sources, from overhead and underground power lines to damaged receptacles and connectors.

Lanes typically have limited space during construction- Construction zones often use cones, barrels or other equipment and this means that people driving will often have limited space to move on the road and also around other vehicles. What happens when someone is injured on the job in construction accidents?

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing workers from all the trades, and we understand the types of work required and performed by each.

If you have a third-party claim, we can seek full and fair compensation for your injury-related losses. Construction workers working on projects near or on a roadway are at an increased risk for these types of accidents.

Occupational Safety and Health Administrationfalls were the reason for construction site fatalities in — 36 percent of the total fatalities that year in the construction industry. Top At-Risk Construction Jobs and Common Injuries Generally, construction jobs pose multiple dangers, including chemicals, working in confined spaces, electricity, ladders, scaffolding and heavy machinery.

Our Greater Boston Construction Site Accident Lawyers will also work with your employer or the insurance company to make sure that you receive the best medical care possible.

Ironworkers weld and construct steel building frames. This means the work environment, and therefore the possible hazards are different every single day.

Track medical records to document your injuries. Large trucks all too often back up and hit a pedestrian. Some examples of construction site accidents are more common than others. Our seasoned construction accident attorneys know what to look for in these types of claims and will work quickly to preserve the evidence needed to prove your case.

How dangerous is construction work? Contractor B is pouring cement and backs into the scaffold, causing you to fall and get injured. Contractors and subcontractors must ensure that scaffolds have been constructed appropriately and that workers are provided with the training and equipment needed to avoid dangerous accidents.

In addition, there are often many players on a construction site, and site owners, employers, and many third-party contractors must ALL be equally committed to job site safety. Construction workers who suffer from exposure should seek medical attention and legal representation as soon as possible.

If you can, take photos or ask someone else to take photos of the accident scene.In addition to these causes of construction site fatalities, there are several other hazards which frequently cause accidents.

Falling debris and tools are not uncommon at building sites.

Most Common Causes of Accidents at Construction Sites

From several stories up, even a hammer can cause significant damage to an unfortunate person. Construction Site Accidents The injuries suffered from a construction site accident can be severe and may lead to a permanent disability that can prevent an injured worker from being able to return to work and continue to support their family.

These types of accidents can be related to supervisor neglect in controlling a work site. Fires and Explosions Construction sites often contain hazardous conditions such as exposed wiring, leaking pipes, and flammable chemicals that could lead to fires and explosions.

Most construction site accidents are workers’ compensation matters. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Common Construction Injury Types

If you have been injured on a construction site, talking with an attorney can help secure your rights as an injured worker and protect your interests. Construction is a massive industry in the United States, one that employs countless workers. Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the job, construction site accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

Construction Accidents

These types of accidents can be related to supervisor neglect in controlling a work site. Fires and Explosions Construction sites often contain hazardous conditions such as exposed wiring, leaking pipes, and flammable chemicals that could lead to fires and explosions.

Construction site accidents
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