Describe the possible signs symptoms indicators and behaviours that may cause concern

The cause is usually a severe shaking injury in association with an impact blow. Harm may be caused to children, both by the abuse itself, and by the abuse taking place in a wider family or institutional context of conflict and aggression.

Additionally failure to ensure access to education or to look after a child because the carer is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is considered as Neglect.

It should be noted that bruising in black children and some minority ethnic children might be more difficult to see.

Signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours Essay Sample

It can be especially damaging in infancy and can be as important as the other more visible forms of abuse, in terms of its impact on the child. These infants are most at risk of serious deliberate harm and as such require careful consideration.

They may be abused by an adult or adults, or another child or children. Rarely, there may also be grazing on the palate.

Where there is infection, this of course will require treatment. In pregnancy an unborn child can be harmed by domestic violence. It is important to ascertain as a matter of urgency if the alleged perpetrator is still working with, or caring for, children.

1 Signs and Indicators of Abuse

Organisational responses to allegations by an adult of abuse experienced as a child must be of as high a standard as a response to current abuse because: Any injuries are unusual in this age group, unless accompanied by a full consistent explanation. Its adverse effects may last long into adult life.

Children can grow up to feel worthless, unlovable, betrayed, powerless, confused, frightened and mistrustful of others. Children may be abused in a family, in a community or institutional setting, by those known to them or, much more rarely, by a stranger.

Recognising signs of abuse

There are no absolute criteria on which to rely when judging what constitutes significant harm. Some children live in family and social circumstances where their health and development are neglected. Small single bruises e. Domestic violence and abuse, adult mental health problems and parental substance misuse may be features in families where children are exposed to such abuse.

Signs such as drowsiness, vomiting or poor feeding may be either vague or overt. The extent or the severity of each case is determined by the time span of abuse, the more serious the abuse, the younger the child is and the relationship of the child to the abuser.

It may involve serious bullying including cyberbullyingcausing children frequently to feel frightened or in danger, or the exploitation or corruption of children.

Reports of historical allegations may be complex as the alleged victims may no longer be living in the situations where the incidents occurred or where the alleged perpetrators are also no longer linked to the setting or employment role. Some behavioural indicators associated with this form of abuse are: The following points are also worth remembering: Burns and Scalds It can be difficult to distinguish between accidental and non-accidental burns and scalds, and will always require experienced medical opinion.

It happens through emails, text messages or telephone calls.

Signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours Essay Sample

This type of abuse is as important as the other three types, and can be detected as the signs are more visible and can be easily detected.

A responsible adult checks the temperature of the bath before the child gets in; A child is unlikely to sit down voluntarily in a hot bath and cannot accidentally scald its bottom without also scalding his or her feet; A child getting into too hot water of his or her own accord will struggle to get out and there will be splash marks.

Of particular concern are injuries to infants six months and under. At this age their ability to communicate their needs is limited. Possible effects of sexual abuse Disturbed behaviour including self-harm, inappropriate sexual behaviour, sadness, depression and loss of self-esteem have all been linked to sexual abuse.

Studies show that one in five children were cyber-bullied in In some situations it can affect parenting ability and lead to the perpetration of abuse on others.types and possible signs and indicators of child abuse.

Physical Abuse. Physical Abuse. This may involve the hitting, shaking, throwing, drowning, suffocating fit the injuries shown or.

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Possible signs of abuse. The following signs may or may not be indicators that abuse has taken place, but the possibility should be considered. Neglect can seriously impair a child's health, physical and intellectual growth and development, and can cause long term difficulties with social functioning, relationships and educational progress.

Describe possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviours that may cause concern in the context of safeguarding Emotional or psychological abuse: coercion, humiliation, intimidation.

Fractures may cause pain, swelling and discolouration over a bone or joint. It is unlikely that a child will have had a fracture without the carers being aware of the child’s distress.

If the child is not using a limb, has pain on movement and/or swelling of the limb, there may be a fracture.

Describe the possible signs symptoms indicators and behaviours that may cause concern
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