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One of the most majestic parades are held on Republic Day. It marks the end of the winter season. Lord Rama had killed the demon king Ravana on the tenth day. People sing and dance together. Goddess Durga si worshipped for five days. Prayers are offered in churches. Holi is a festival of colours. Idols of Goddess Durga are set up in pandals and on the tenth day, these idols are immersed in rivers or lakes.

Most Indian festivals have their in religion or in the myths and legends of popular faiths. Snake-boat races are the main attraction of Onam Baisakhi Baisakhi marks the harvest festival of north India, mainly in Punjab.

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People dress in yellow clothes to symbolize the fields of yellow mustard flowers. It is followed by Bharat Milap, an occasion of family reunion of Rama.

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated by the Jains. The great and popular Ramayana epic is presented in dance-drama form on specially erected stages all over India during the preceding nine days. Some of these are observed as closed public holidays on all India basis and others on a limited or selective basis.

This day is also celebrated in State capitals with equal enthusiasm and preparations. There are numerous types of festivals in the world and most countries celebrate important events or traditions with traditional cultural events and activities. The three deities of Puri temple, namely Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are placed on three chariots made of wood.

The crops are ready for harvest. Few festivals became an indispensable part of Indian culture. Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season.

They are celebrated to remember those days and personalities who inspire people. One example is the global celebration of the arrival of Beaujolais nouveauwhich involves shipping the new wine around the world for its release date on the third Thursday of November each year. The Hindus and the Muslims embrace one another and exchange greetings on the occasion.

They are harmonious, rich, varied and colorful. Festivals are often commemorated annually. People wear new clothes. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. At night earthen lamps, candles, etc. These days have been declared as national holidays and are celebrated in all parts of the country with a lot of enthusiasm holidays and are celebrated in all parts of the country with a lot of enthusiasm.

At the end of the month. Durga Pooja is celebrated in Bengal, Assam and some others parts of India. Harvest festivals Harvest festivals bring joy to the farmers. Crackers are burst and the children as well as the youth enjoy them.

People belonging to other communities should be invited during religious festivals. Thus, festivals serve so many purposes, social, cultural, religious, national and psychological. What is methodology in dissertation books sample ielts essay topics books short essay travel urdu language.

Festival breaks the monotony of life. Lakhs of people gather to enjoy the magnificent spectacle. People throw color on one another.

Essay on “Indian Festivals” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

They make the Indian calendar an unending procession of festivals, observations and celebrations. Holi is also a religious festivals. On this day the Hindu Solar New Year begins.Short Essay on Indian Festivals.

Category: Blog, Festivals On April 28, By Aditi Chopra. Indian Festivals. Introduction: India is a land of fasts and festivals. The Indian men and women observe these festivals throughout the year.

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Importance: Every festival has a social, religious and mythological value. Accordingly, Dussehra has a. Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most interesting festival of celebration from Indian culture. Diwali is celebrated by lighting up diyas or small clay lamps which are filled up by oil and kept lighted.

So almost every day we see a festival being celebrated with joy and fun. The festivals make our life colourful and charming. Essay for Kids on Festivals of India. Article shared by.

Short Essay for School Students on Indian Festivals ; words essay on Our Festivals (India) Festivals and fairs of India – Essay.

Essay on Indian Festivals

Indian festivals are chiefly season-oriented; summer, winter, spring and autumn. Besides, there is much other regional festival like South, North, East, West, etc.

Every festival tells a message pertaining to our customs, traditional values, mythology, culture, even historical events and the birth of the New Year too. Home» 10th Class» Essay on “Indian Festivals” Complete Essay for Class 10, Essay on “Indian Festivals” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Indian Festivals. Essay No. A festival is a celebration of life. It is a celebration entertainment or series of performances of a certain kind, often.

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A festival is a celebration of life. Festivals bring peace and joy to the masses. They break the monotony of life. Indian festivals are numerous. Related Articles: Essay on Indian Festivals.

Essay on indian festival
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