How to write atrophy in a sentence

Names of the dead and injured are being withheld pending notification of relatives. Similar examples with x or z: Only fools try to teach skills in the lecture format.

He pointed out that it should wholeheartedly de pend on the working class and unite the national bourgeoisie to develop the productivity. Grammar can be present, but the meaning of these thoughts is generally hard to grasp and the sentences are loose.

Another thing I like is that you integrated its connection to Alzheimer's disease throughout the article. Especially in health care and education nowadays, every dollar that a special interest group demands is a dollar taken from somebody else.

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You discard the technique used in the former paragraph I pulled and do not define the neuroscience concepts rendering them meaningless for most people.

Look again at the examples I gave at the beginning of this essay.

Vocabulary : Unit 4: asseverate, atrophy, bastion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The cause was multiple systems atrophy, his family said. Communist pamphlet If a new spirit is to be infused into this old country, there is one thorny and contentious reform which must be tackled, and that is the humanization and galvanization of the B.

Those things over there belong to several husbands of mine. Hypertrophy means cells growing bigger.

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These world-level political-social problems are the over-riding causes of both ill-health and general misery on our planet. I will come back to this presently, and I hope that by that time the meaning of what I have said here will have become clearer. The girls, fourth-graders, both have optic nerve atrophy.

Then chase the bottle and try to catch it on the way down. As I have tried to show, modern writing at its worst does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer.


These definitions and understandings will become critical when we discuss neoplasia -- formation of new, worthless organs. I suspect that over time as research continues, hopefully a more specific statistic of how many people are effected by PCA will become available.

David Ullmann talk There are people who had some success, but it seems that those who do use the drug in conjunction with other things like a good diet, some exercise or they combine it with some other fat burning compound. Good, decent liberals look to science as the means of ensuring a safe, clean environment, and the way to counter the ignorance and lies that form the underpinnings of prejudice and actual injustice.

The spelling of these ends with -s, -se, -z, -ze, -ce, -x, or -xe. Studies have shown that when used with other compounds like Gymnema Sylvestre there was some decrease in weight loss.

The term "multiculturalism" has been also been popular with pseudoscientists, "theorists" without data know the type? He was released on bail pending further inquiries.

Simple conjunctions and prepositions are replaced by such phrases as with respect to, having regard to, the fact that, by dint of, in view of, in the interests of, on the hypothesis that ; and the ends of sentences are saved by anticlimax by such resounding commonplaces as greatly to be desired, cannot be left out of account, a development to be expected in the near future, deserving of serious consideration, brought to a satisfactory conclusionand so on and so forth.

We welcome any comments you may have! Because of people losing their insurance, we now sign out biopsies showing "fibrocystic disease" of the breast as "fibrocystic change" instead. Non-standard English use[ edit ] If you have a name that ends in "s," or if you will observe home-made signs selling tomatoes or chili-and-beans, you will quickly note what can be done with a possessive apostrophe in reckless hands.

Followers find companionship and feel intellectually and morally superior, and without having to be kind or decent to those around them.

Bad writers, and especially scientific, political, and sociological writers, are nearly always haunted by the notion that Latin or Greek words are grander than Saxon ones, and unnecessary words like expedite, ameliorate, predict, extraneous, deracinated, clandestine, subaqueousand hundreds of others constantly gain ground from their Anglo-Saxon numbers.

Because their target audience wants to feel intellectually and morally superior and will not examine the subject fairly, pseudoscientists launch vicious personal attacks at anyone who tries to argue with them.

Nphilip talk Comment Two[ edit ] Really good job on this page. Recall the definition of love. No matter who you are, there are people who are looking for the flimsiest excuse to portray you yes, YOU as some kind of malicious bigot.

These would often be rephrased, where possible: Also, I've added another image to provide another visual of the brain and to further explain the locations of the ventral and dorsal visual streams I discuss in the "symptoms" section. The famous "multiple-personality disorder" patient "Sibyl" was shown in to have been induced under hypnosis after a psychologist reviewed audiotapes between the therapist and the book author.

Review the material in the evening following the lecture, while it is still fresh; this will save you time.How to Review the Top Grammatical Terms. If you want to learn more about any of these terms, click on the word to visit a glossary page.

There you'll find an expanded definition and several more examples, along with links to articles that examine related grammatical concepts in more detail.

Politics and the English Language Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about civilization is decadent and our language -- so the argument runs -- must inevitably share in the general collapse.

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I've been blogging on this site for over four years now, ever since I graduated college and embarked on the journey that is adulthood. Sentence Developer 7.

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President of Words 8. That Thing. Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA) Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) & Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Word understanding is preserved but sentence comprehension may suffer if the sentences are long and grammatically complex.

PPA-L (Logopenic Subtype): A problem with word-finding. But recent studies suggest you can prevent atrophy and delay the onset of cognitive decline by fueling your hippocampus with exercise.

Atkinson must have heard them, too, fueling his own panic, and he’d picked Lester up before racing the two of them out of the neighborhood.

How to write atrophy in a sentence
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