Nigeria upstream og precedent transactions analysis

Use of project specific bonds is expected to grow significantly with the establishment of InfraCredit discussed below which has backed the issuance of the first corporate infrastructure bonds in the Nigerian debt capital markets. The liquidity issues in the power sector have led to a lot of these loans becoming bad loans.

In this regard, please define and quantify the unlevered free cash flows used in this analysis and in your discounted cash flow analysis. Both of these blocks were non-producing.

Definition of Upstream The upstream stage of the production process involves searching for and extracting raw materials. The Shell divestments is also notable as it creates more investment opportunities for Nigerian companies with the relevant capacity to undertake oil exploration and production activities.

Also in Nigeria, Erha North Phase 2 began production. The Order of the Court has been registered with the Registrar of Companies and, accordingly, the cancellation of the Company's share premium account has now become effective.

Definition of Downstream The downstream stage in the production process involves processing the materials collected during the upstream stage into a finished product.

The development of the project no longer fits with our strategy, particularly in view of the economic climate prevailing in the energy industry.

New launches extension, delist. Supports Region System Economics Manager and Region Finance Manager in guiding the business by providing deep understanding of the financial condition and economics of the system.

Guidelines on assigning interests in upstream petroleum assets and pipelines

In a more general sense, "upstream" can also refer to any part of the production process relating to the extraction stages. Supports Finance organization on system thinking related to financial policies, programs, company investments, long-range goals and objectives.

This position provides accurate system economics analysis, insights, benchmarks and reports in a Region System Economics function. The legislative framework governing public-private partnerships is well established. The framework is comprised of the following laws and regulatory bodies: Export processing free zones: Legislation and policy 3.

It is expected that several initiatives some of which have been listed in the ERGP will be implemented to achieve governments objectives including the concession and divestment of key infrastructure in the above sectors.

Insurance considerations Under Nigerian insurance law, any insurance policy taken in relation to an insurable interest in Nigeria must first be taken out using a Nigerian insurance company unless the Nigerian insurance industry lacks the capacity to retain the risk of such portfolio.

Refineries are the downstream phase of the oil and gas industry. Looking forward, we expect to see production volumes rise significantly in the second half of the year, although would remind our stakeholders the Accugas gas sales agreements are subject to take-or-pay provisions higher than anticipated production volumes.

This, combined with the current economic and regulatory environment, led us to cease further exploration activity offshore Alaska for the foreseeable future. Nigerian law guarantees certain preferential payments in the event of the winding up of a company.

The PSRP is a series of strategic policy actions, operational governance and financial intervention initiatives to be implemented by the FGN over five years — aimed at providing support to the sector and improving its financial viability, transparency and service delivery.

The well was considered a dry hole, with minor oil and gas shows, and the result renders the Burger prospect uneconomic. We are recruiting to fill the position below: The project finance market in Nigeria typically involves local commercial banks as lenders with international finance institutions, development finance institutions and multilateral agencies playing supportive roles.

The transaction is expected to be completed insubject to regulatory approval.

Herbert Smith Advises First Hydrocarbon Nigeria Company on US$230 Million Financing

The pro forma adjustment resulted in an increase in the basis of the oil and natural gas properties. Midstream companies gather the raw resource and transport the resource via pipeline, railway or tanker truck to refineries.

Readers are cautioned that the foregoing list of factors is not exhaustive. Field gas production capacity remains capable of delivering at least mmscfd In structuring a project finance transaction in Nigeria, it is advised that parties seek legal advice from Nigerian counsel at an early stage of the transaction to ensure that the proposed transaction is viable and to adequately mitigate against any foreseeable risks.

As such, several states have developed their own frameworks for PPPs, and a number have made great progress in this regard.In structuring a project finance transaction in Nigeria, it is advised that parties seek legal advice from Nigerian counsel at an early stage of the transaction to ensure that the proposed transaction is viable and to adequately mitigate against any foreseeable risks.

Upstream Merger qualify as a reorganization under § (a)(1)(A).


Additionally, we express no opinion about the tax treatment of the proposed transaction under other. “This is a genuinely landmark transaction in the Nigerian loan markets. All of the up to US$ million of senior secured reserve-based debt has been provided by Nigerian institutions, reflecting the capacity and appetite of the local banking system to finance Nigerian upstream oil & gas transactions.”.

Accounting - the ability to apply accounting policies and principles to properly record, report and maintain financial data associated with operational activities Analysis and problem solving - the ability to analyze financial information, select and gather data, and recommend or determine a course of action.

Nov 13,  · Total Upstream Nigeria Ltd. company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Accounting Practices and Performance of Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream Sector) in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis Lawyer Chukwuma OBARA1 Efeeloo NANGIH2 The business world is involved in a myriad of transactions, and accounting is the tool that seeks to.

Nigeria upstream og precedent transactions analysis
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