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They arrived within their stated time window. And for those consumers who use a home shredder, experts also recommend the use of a micro-cut model.

I would certainly use their service again. Protect your home and business from data breaches and theft with New York Paper Shredding Service today. Many households fail to shred their sensitive documents before throwing them out because they assume that these documents are secure in residential trash.

American Security Shredding New York City & Long Island

One of the best companies I dealt with. These guys were the best! This flexible service works well for those who only have one or occasional shredding projects.

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How small do you want the shredded bits to be? I called them back and booked an appointment for the next day. At the end of the day, manager Megan reach out to me and send Paper shredding nyc a certificate of destruction as promised.

One way to keep your identity safe is to shred documents containing personal information. Just signed up on yelp Paper shredding nyc order to rave about them.

A professional shredding service is the best solution when it comes to throwing out documents containing private information. Our paper shredding trucks bring 6, pounds of document shredding power per hour to your location. If you are unsure which paper shredder is right for you, call our New York shredding experts at and we can direct you to the nearest drop off shredding location in your area where you can drop off small volumes of paperwork to be shredded at a low cost.

LionCage is responsibe, reliable and honest and we would highly recommend LionCage for any shredding or data security needs. When Joe arrived nice and early, he was very polite and helpful.

With a micro-cut shredder, the paper is rendered into impossible-to-reassemble debris. Shredding paper and recycling your old equipment with LionCage is not only good for the environment but may be required by law.

We are one of the very few shredding services that will actually shred your documents while you are there so you can witness the security you are paying for. Thank you LionCage for protecting our most valuable asset, our students confidential data!

How many sheets will you want to shred at a time? It's just too big a risk.

Protect Your Identity

They made it easy! Destroying confidential documents is crucial to avoiding identity theft—make sure you choose a shredder that can get the job done. Once you have a better idea of how you will be using your shredder, you can determine what features your shredder will need.

Everything worked out as promised. The salesperson John was very professional and informative. LionCage is proud to co-sponsor events like these which assist in educating the public about the vital 21st issue of data and document security.

We're nothing like those shredding services they offer at the mailbox and copy stores. I had so much sensitive material I needed to shred and I had no clue where to start.

Our contractors destroy your hard drives and melt them down for recycling so that your safety is without question. The mailbox, copy and office supply locations that pop up on your screen will either put your documents in a pile or stuff your paper in bins where they await shredding for days or weeks.

We know that your information is valuable and requires a high level of security and care but every job must be done on a reasonable budget. We highly recommend using them. More information on how to keep yourself safe from identity theft fraud, and alerts regarding other types of scams, is available from the Fraud Watch Network.Time Shred provides shred while you watch shredding services in New York City (NYC), Westchester, Nassau, & Suffolk counties.

SafetyShred is a full service paper shredding and media destruction company that maintains compliance with privacy legislation.

Protect Your Identity

We are committed to providing our customers with a highest standards of security. When using us for all your shredding needs, its. The Shred Stop is a high-speed self-serve shredding kiosk for personal, home, and small business use, allowing you to shred a full file box in about 5 minutes.

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Mobile Paper Shredding (On-Site Paper Shredding) Mobile Shredding at your doorstep. Simply deposit the material to be shredded in your own box or in a bin that Data Shredding Service, Inc. can provide at no additional charge.

Secure Document Shredding Services Our Paper Shredding is Compliant with HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and Federal Information Destruction Laws.

We protect businesses and their customers by providing highly secure, on-site and off-site paper and document can help you comply with HIPAA, GLB, FACTA, as well as all other federal information destruction laws in NYC and Long Island, New York.

Paper shredding & Document Destruction Welcome to USA SHRED!

Shred Fest 2016: Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Monthly Sales Promotion: First service FREE to new monthly clients with service agreement 15% Discount to new Purge clients: USA SHRED servicing NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Westchester area Residential & Drop off Shredding Services.

Paper shredding nyc
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