Something s rotten in hondo

It is becoming more and more of a norm for industrial companies to cut down on their emissions because of global warming. They would do this by putting out the most emissions during the night so that the EPA would not notice the levels being put out.

Another thing that shareholders have to think about if the plant moves to Mexico is how stable the government is. George is part of the community along with Something s rotten in hondo wife. If other companies find out that the companies buying plastics from Ardnak is working with an unethical company then they may not want to do business with them anymore.

He could then tell the EPA what the plant in Hondo is planning to do, and that is to put their largest amount of emissions out at night. They should have the right to keep their jobs. Several months ago George got a call from Bill, stating that the EPA had contacted him about the problem and fines would be levied.

This contributes to global warming along with people having to suffer from health problems from the emissions. George is faced with an immense ethical issue. The whole community is one giant stakeholder, and they hold giant amounts of interest in whether George decides to either move the plant to Mexico, or mislead the EPA about the true emissions that the plant puts off.

Should he schedule production at night to evade the En If this does non rectify the job. The justice for the many people of Hondo could be overlooked because there would be many more to benefit by the move to Mexico.

If they decide to stay in America, and mislead the EPA about their true emissions, they must think how this would affect the customers if the EPA happens to find out about what they are doing. This is also the responsibility of the EPA. If the plant is moved to Mexico this will devastate the entire infrastructure of Hondo.

The have the responsibility to do whatever is in their power to keep the community safe. This plant provides the jobs and an increased tax base for the community Kaplan eGuide. Moving to Mexico would not respect the rights of the plant workers, citizens of Hondo, stockholders, and George. George is faced with an immense ethical issue.

The phone rang; it was Bill. He found they were scheduling their heavy emissions work at night so that during the day when the EPA took their sporadic readings they were within standards.

George admitted that this was a constant problem, but without the battery washers, which company headquarters has deprived of, he ran out of ideas. This plant must recognize the customer stakeholders as a necessary asset to their company.

The determination to cover up the job will take to the impairment of peoples wellness. This may mean rallying, going to high up officials to see what their rights are and what they can possibly do to keep their livelihood in Hondo.

Because the extra emissions put off by the Hondo plant is the most devastating to everyone neither of these decisions is ethical. Hondo may not even exist as a full functioning community anymore.

The only real decision-maker here is George Mackee.

Something Rotten In Hondo

The company would be acting selfishly, and not caring about any of their stakeholders if they decide to move to Mexico.

George is a manager of a small plant. Bill explained that the reason for relocating would be to eliminate the EPA problems. Again, as with all the other stakeholders, and it would be best for George to go to upper management to see if they can get the smokestack scrubbers.

If the end justify the means then it is ethical."Something Rotten In Hondo" Summary George had left El Paso, Texas and has moved to Honda, with his family four years ago to take the lead Ardnak Plastic Inc.

The plant produces plastic pieces for small tools and has several hundred employees from the Honda town.

Considering Stakeholders in Relocating Manufacturing Plants

Something’s Rotten in Hondo The decision makers in the “Something’s Rotten in Hondo” are George the Plant Manager and Bill George’s boss. The Stakeholders are George, George’s family, the town of Hondo, Environmental Protection Agency, all who are affected by the plants pollution, the Mexican town, and the environment.

Mary, had moved to Hondo, Texas, from El Paso four years ago and was now the manager of Ardnak Plastic Inc., a small plant that manufactured plastic parts for small equipment.

The plant employed several hundred workers, which was a substantial portion of the population of Hondo. View Homework Help - Something is Rotten in Hondo from MT MT at Kaplan University.

Something is Rotten in Hondo LS Kaplan University Norma J. Smith The Family Business 1. Read "Something's Rotten in Hondo." Prepare an analysis answering the questions on the following page: Introduction. Who are the stakeholders in this case?

What are the interests of the stakeholders? Legal Analysis.

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Do any of the environmental laws from the eGuide apply to this case? Something’s Rotten In Hondo LS Ethics and the Legal Environment Kaplan University INTRODUCTION George, the plan manger for Ardnak Plastic Inc., faces an ethical and moral dilemma.

The Ardnak Plastic Plant he relocated to be the manager of has environmental problems.

Something s rotten in hondo
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