The arts and knowledge essay

Gaining information from the arts might not be the easiest or most reliable but this article serves to disprove the common belief that there is no knowledge in the arts. The second aspect that is going to be explored is the choice of words used in literature to communicate a message.

In most areas of knowledge like the sciences, facts and evidences lead to conclusions based on which knowledge is formed. Lamarque and Gaut are two halves of a debate, with Gaut defending the cognitive value of art and Lamarque expressing skepticism.

When it comes to ethics people are bias and intolerant because emotional justification will play a major role.

What Counts as Knowledge in the Arts? Essay

The four methods of justification, identified by Michael Woolman, are justifying through logic, justifying using empiricism, justifying using memory and justifying with a reference of authority.

I do understand that when it comes to ethics there is more than one major division. The term prose is distinguished from poetry by a closer resemblance to everyday speech and tends to have more rhythm. So the knowledge we gain from art has more to do with the relationship between the art object and the consumer than anything else.

It conveys the truth about the way women and homosexuals were treated and the roles different people of different social classes played. Download File Possible essay questions: Furthermore, even if it were capable of being transferred clearly, it is not always the case that observers will interpret the meaning or significance of a work of art in any standard way.

Not only can we respond emotionally to particular moral situations presented through artworks; we cannot help but find ourselves morally outraged or saddened by the plights of certain fictional characters.

A painting may convey anger to one and to another it may convey passion. Throughout history, humans have searched for beauty in a range of areas of knowledge.

Another way we might argue for the possibility of gaining knowledge from art is by rejecting the justified true belief account of knowledge. My Difficult and Wonderful Life Essay In mathematics there are a set of rules that are always followed and even the exceptions of that rule are known globally and accepted after substancial evidence has been made to prove that in this application these values do not work or are not accepted.

Fighting Forgery in the Art World] Forgeries require technical ability May have originality but lack skill 1. For example, when I broke my arm, I could describe every excruciating detail of how I fell, why I fell, what I was doing when I fell.

That is, works of art are taken to possess the ability to give us imaginative and epistemic access to certain kinds of experiences relevant to moral knowledge and judgment.

The sentences used are sharp and witty in the beginning and get slower after the case is over. It is common belief to think that there is very little or no knowledge in the arts.

Knowledge through Rationalism and Empiricism Essay

What methods to artists use to create art? It is truly harder to gain knowledge from the art than from science, this is because knowledge in the art is hidden. As I mentioned earlier art is subjective and the voice, mood and emotion of the artist are very evident in the work.

Art and Epistemology

Other philosophers have maintained that works of art have content, and that audience members can acquire knowledge by experiencing viewing, hearing, or reading these works. It even gives a great insight into the changing America, to be very honest I learnt more about the changing America after World War II from this play than from my history books.Does art, or can art, tell the truth?

What kinds of truth does art deal with? Choose one form of art (visual art, literature or music) and discuss the nature of this art and its links to truth. Art and truth have always been separate as two different areas of knowledge in mutual incomprehension.

Theory of Knowledge – Arts Essay

“Whatever the relationship between the arts and knowledge, there seems to be a big difference between the contribution made by the arts to our understanding of the world and that made by the sciences” (Theory of Knowledge p.

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So, education—either formal or informal — is the acquisition of knowledge, beliefs, values and habits. Economics Papers Psychology Papers Religion Papers Sociology Papers Art Papers Management Papers Marketing.

It links the areas of knowledge arts, statistics (math), with the ways of knowing sense perception and emotions. The photographer Chris Jordan wants to create impact by visualizing very large numbers and thus causing emotional involvement.

Ethical Judgements in Art and Natural Sciences Essay - Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences.

Discuss. We make decisions all the time. Similarly, there are decisions in various areas of knowledge whether it would be the arts or the natural sciences. The arts are normally equated too creative way Of expressing your thoughts and emotions; knowledge is not normally in the forefront when speaking about the arts.

In most areas of knowledge like the sciences, facts and evidences lead to conclusions based on Which knowledge is formed.

The arts and knowledge essay
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